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First, I'm not supposed to be here right now, there will be a test tomorrow but I don't have any idea to read the text book,tehee. So, I decided to do a random post part three tonight!

1. Lucky me, I finished my class today at 10.00 AM and I went to 电脑城 (Dian Nao Cheng, "Computer Town" if you translated to english :p); a place that sells anything about computers (mostly), cellphones, cameras, etc, with my boyfriend. He planned to buy a new mp3. We walked from one buildings to another buildings, compared the prices and finally... he got one!
I'm also checking the dslr (which I WISH to have it!) prices, THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!
Shud I give up for that thing? ughh ):
My bf smiled and said "kamu banget, sih..." when I tried one of Canon's EOS series and he took one of their brochure for me after home, haha. Well... he knows I want it so bad |:

2. One of Terrant Books (Indonesian Book Publisher) staff, Kak Oktavia Erdyan sent me an email today. She said…

The Interview

picture credit by and edited by me.
Talking about blogging, I can say I’m not a newbie as a blogger. I’ve been blogging since 2007 , “Jane From The Blog” is not my first one. I’ve told in the first entry that I had an old blog, which is I’d closed it permanently now and start blogging seriously, I never share privacy things again here (: Well, if you do blog, you will have some readers or followers and if you blog nicely, they will love your blog and being a loyal reader. You have to keep them interested in your blog, maybe you can do some blog giveaways (fashion blogger often do this!), vlog (video blog) or maybe share some tutorials about something you good in it (such as DIY, tutorial about Photoshop, etc).
So, what have I done as a blogger for 3 years?
Maybe I didn’t write something “wow” something amaze you, I just wrote whatever I think it should be shared to my blog readers. I don’t blog because I want to be popular and reach a number of followers to drop me a comm…

I Am A "LUCKY" Volunteer!

I’ve mentioned before on the previous post that I’m becoming a volunteer for Asian Games, right?
And now, I will share something great that I got today on the 2nd day work! :D
Gue benar-benar merasa puas banget sama hari ini. Walaupun semalam gue tidur malam sehingga mengakibatkan pagi ini gue bangun agak siang (dan membuat gue sedikit khawatir kalau hari ini gue bakal capek kerja 12jam karenanya), tapi ternyata gue masih SEGAR sampai detik ini mengetik di depan laptop. Apa yang membuat hari ini terasa begitu spesial?
Hari ini gue dan Sastika menjadi “stalker-dadakan” selama jam kerja kami sebagai volunteer. Tujuan utama kita mau stalk atlet bulutangkis Korea, Lee Yong Dae dan atlet-atlet bulutangkis dari Indonesia. Sebelum jam tugas, kami berdua nongkrong di depan stadium bulutangkis sambil berharap ada atlet yang lalu-lalang dan kami akan langsung “menyerang” minta foto bareng. Beberapa atlet Indonesia memang lewat, tapi sayangnya... kami NGGAK TAHU siapa mereka! Kami berdua bukan …
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