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Five Things

5 things you love about life
Family, friendship, love, hardwork, sweet memories.

5 famous people you would love to meet
Tiffany (member of Girls Generation), Sitta Karina, Alanda Kariza, Anne Hathaway, Sophie Kinsella.

5 movies you love
The Devil Wears Prada, Letters to Juliet, Freedom Writers, Bride Wars, Something Borrowed

5 professions you would love to have
Author, writer, novelist, journalist, fashion magazine editor.

5 best authors
Sitta Karina, Alanda Kariza, Sophie Kinsella, JK Rowling, Meg Cabot.

5 inspirations
Jesus, my family, when I'm sitting on my chair and listening to Chopin's and Lisa Ono works, when I'm spending my day in a cozy coffee shop, inspirations works anywhere, anytime in everywhere (:

5 favourite stuffs
Cellphones, Notebook, personal diary, Holy Bible, music player.

5 things you hate
Backstabber, plagiators, liars, anti-fan, smoker.

5 favourite places
Personal bedroom, bookstore, coffee shop,eating place, shopping mall

5 girls/guys you are currently l…


I got so many books on my bookshelf that haven't finished yet, even I don't even know I had bought that book. Every time I go visit a bookstore, I can't lead myself, so many good books are there waiting for me to read. They stand on the shelf beautifully. That's why people say bookstore is my heaven. I can spend my whole day for hours in 'my heaven'.
People ask me what kind of book I generally read, the answer: I read anykind of books. Literature, biography, non-fiction, fiction, traveling, entertainment, self improvement, blah blah blah. Writing is my passion, I can call myself as a part-time writer (eventhough I don't publish any books before, haha :p), so I should read more books for help me to get some inspirations.

The books I read recently, on the top, is bought by my mom, my Mom bought it cause she wants me to improve my Chinese before I come here for study. Guess what? I'm just too lazyyyyyy to finish it. It has been for 3 years since my Mom bou…

It's Fanning

Introduce this cute lady, she's Elle Fanning. Familiar about her last name? Yes, she is Dakota Fanning's younger sister. I knew Dakota since I found her in one of a local magazine, she was just 8 or 10 y.o that time. And I knew El (is a pronounciation of Elle) from the same magazine. El got many roles in some movies, you can check her filmography here, and I will give you some goodies of her :D

all pictures credit: and Mr. Google

this is my favorite! Elle Princess.

El looks so STUNNING! and I love her hair *heart*

Little cute Elle

El's daily style, lovely!

Fanning's Sisters are having time together (:

Now, who's with me in the El's team? :P
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