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God of Wonders


Welcome Spring!

Maybe it's a little too late I made a post about Spring, but yeah Spring is coming to town.
Finally, I can feel the warm of sunshine and the wind blows softly, refreshing my mind and lungs.

This is a picture taken by me outside from my room.
The sky has a beautiful color tone, it's blue!
Instead of spring days, I can't wait for my summer time! I miss beach and friends, I miss Mr. Sun! Well although it's pretty HOT in summer, but I still loveeeeeeee Summer days! It becomes a long long holidays! :D

Still talking about Spring here, yesterday I went to Beijing Street to have lunch and visit some stores. I didn't plan to buy anything there but I'm sure I WILL buy something so I take some money in my purse, just in case :p
andddd... taraaaaaaaaa! I REALLY BOUGHT SOMETHING! (lol)
I visited Yishion Store, they have pretty new arrival things there. Flowers, pale and nude colors are everywhere. I picked some clothes for fitted and finally I chose this cute shorts with flo…
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