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Life Under Berry(gram)

This is a post represent my apologize for lack updates. Freegate has a big problem these days, I'm afraid it doesn't available anymore for social-networking reasons (am still okay without Facebook or Twitter, but no with blogging T.T).
I made a new look for my blog, can you see it? Yes, the new pink header! *clapping*

Thanks to Photoshop for helping me, since I don't have special ability with Photoshop thing (it's really for a long time I didn't touch this blue icon with "Ps" logo), it has done with simple one. Who doesnt't love simplicity? Less is better!
Anyway, we are almost halfway through the year. We are in the mid of October already, life is getting FASTER MAN. FASTER. There are so many things wait to be done, so let's focus for our major goals this year and no regrets in the end (:
I just had a single trip to Hong Kong two days ago with Andreas. Yippie yay!. He came for two weeks to have some business things and a little rest from his wo…
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