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Theme for 2013: Experiencing and Expanding | HAPPY NEW YEAR


I'm so happy I did my post on the first day in 2013, well today is went quite fast, actually. I stayed at my room for whole day with my dear assignments. Sad? No. Because I spent my time to watch a Korean drama, I Miss You (high-recommended!), I don't know but I feel proud LOL 
So, how about your first day on 2013? Are you going to holiday? With family, friends, your loves and whoever is, I hope you have a great day and make sure you're gonna have a joyful year! Last night,
I did my goal-setting in Excel format, which is here: 
Yes it's blank. The contents are private :P 

I've done my goal-setting before in my journal, I even wrote it before the end of 2012, in November I guessed. I'm sure I am a goal-setter-addict! I don't like make expectation in my life or something like "going with the flow", no I'm not. I love making goals, although it's REALLY hard but I'm so excited! As you can read my post title, yes my the…
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