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The Next Chapter

The thing comes up in my mind whenever I wake up is: what life is going to take me after this? 
The answer I give myself will be (and always), excited and feel so anxious in the same time. I know  I know, you guys are gonna be “don’t you be so worry about future”. The fact is, I’m still a normal human being, who is wondering about her next chapter of life, about her dreams, about anything.
I didn't plan to write like this before, but suddenly God asked me this:
"You write a lot, you know about bunch of good writers out there. But, Jane.. do you even know who is the best writer in this world? I mean, the Greatest one?"
Yes, probably you guess it right too. It’s God. Your God. My God. He is The One who makes plan of your life’s path, He is The One who creates your future, He is The One who writes your beginning till the end. And you know what, writers always like to make a happy ending story- although many of them like to make sad ending story, but.. hey, everything happen…
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