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5 Pictures of Tuesday 01

5 Pictures of Tuesday: is my new section on this blog. Start this week, I am gonna share five pictures of my Tuesday and I hope each picture tells story for you. Enjoy this pictures below!

(1) On latest post I said that me and Mom run a new business, called jesrisoles. Based from the name, yes we make risoles! Mom loves to make this little yummy snack food, so she decided to make money from thing she loves to do hehehe. The picture above are fresh from the oven and ready to go! Yum! 

 (2) Something vintage from our little kitchen. The red mug on the right, apparently 'lives' for 20 more years already. My grandma said she bought this red mug before Mom got married with Daddy. Mom is totally a keeper like me, isn't she? :P 

(3) Random shoot of my laundry outside. The pink one is mine, my favorite casual blazer :*

(4) My dog's upside-down look. Tell me guys, is there anybody has a dog who likes to sleep like this? Well.. this dog makes me smile hekekek  Oh by the way, he…

My (dream) Job

I grew up as a "banyak mau" kiddo. There are so much things I wanted. When I was 7, Mom let me studied piano (I play classic for almost 13 years and still not that good). Too much tears whenever I went to my teacher's place, but I was still doing it at all. At that time, I was thinking maybe I want to be a professional pianist.
Then, when I was 10, my Sunday School teacher asked me to join the dance team, I agreed. I even danced in elementary school and made several performances. I was thinking again maybe I want to be a dancer when I grow up.
Later, I was in primary then high school, I started to make sure what exactly I like, what I want. I like to write diary since elementary. I also shared diary with several friends to write together. I haven't realize yet that I love writing this thing until I was in "20 best young writers" category in a writing competition held by YKAI and UNICEF. That time, I was only 14.
But, I was still try to seek another thing…

Before I Sleep Last Night.

1. I'm gonna be twenty-two soon and I reaaaally want something magical happens.
2. I plan to make my own dream job. A little bit think about being an entrepreneur :P
3. Whenever I write, I want to inspire. But then these words came up to me: "Don't write because you're eager to inspire, write because you have something to say." -@lilymarp
4. So, I stop writing for wrong motivation. Every words you read here purely from my heart, I need to say it.
5. I start thinking about marriage. What? You're getting married? No. But hey, since the first I started dating with my boyfriend, our main goal is getting married. We've been together for 3 years, we are already in 20-something-age, so I think it's totally normal to start thinking about it.
6. Sometimes I find myself fear about future. Fear about my dreams, fear about passion, fear about my job, fear about myself.. but it's okay, God said. Jeremiah 29:11- keep in faith (:
7. Where are friends going?
8. …

Room Tour | First ever vlog!

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