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Amazing Twenty Two

Excuse for my little bit-tired-face. Trust me, I am so happy about turning a new age! 
When I was hitting the number 20 two years ago, I made a promise to make 25th October more special, at least for myself. Special means less care about how many gifts that I would recieve (yes I love gifts, especially surprises, but that's not the point on my day), but more have time for monologue and talk with God, how I am so thankful that He makes me alive and be able to walk in a new path every single year.
Everyone deserves to feel special on a birthday, so pardon me because this post is dedicated just for myself *booo*
I never imagine about how my "twenty-something" looks like, the only thing I knew when I was a teenager, the twenty me could be a successful career woman, because that is I was always dreaming about. But I found my twenty years were beyond of my imagination. I graduated from college on time, I've known so many amazing people, I do blog, my family start a busine…

Pandawa Beach | You are gonna fall in love

One day, if you come to Bali, you have to visit this place. Because guess what, you are gonna fall in love just like me. 
This wonderful and beautiful beach called Pandawa Beach. I have been here two times in a week. Last Monday I came here with friends Andre. I heard from Mom and Dad before about Pandawa Beach, they said it's really beautiful and different from the other beaches in Bali. I was so curious and then the day after my friend took us here. Gosh, this beach looks hot! People come this place usually for relaxing, you can rent a couple seat, you can read a book, sunbathing (like most of people do!) or maybe sleeping. If you want to just take some beautiful pictures, it's okay too. And oh, you can also rent a canoe with your friends, bf/gf, or anybody, just for two person in one canoe. Romantic, isn't it? I told my boyfriend when he visits me back, we should do this :P Sadly, I don't have so much time to spend, so I was just enjoying the lucent sands and water…

Books Wanted

(from top left-bottom right) "Lean In: Women, Work and The Will to Lead.", by Sheryl Sandberg"This is What Happy Looks Like", by Jennifer Smith"The Happiness Project", by Gretchen Rubin"Adulting: How to Become A Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps.", by Kelly Williams Brown I am planning to buy some books for welcoming my "twenty two", wohoo! Well honestly I want MORE than these, but I cannot remember the title of the books. I should make a list later whenever I am stumbling in a bookstore. I just realized when I'm writing this, the books I posted above are actually related each other. Two books are about "growing up" things and the others are about happiness (fun facts). Anyway, "This is What Happy Looks Like" is a novel.

So, how was your half-Sunday? Mine was pretty good. Sunday is a perfect day for me to press pause after work-days. I can watch movies, I can do a little exercises and the most of it, I can eat eve…

What's in my brain before I sleep.

1. Remember when we was a kid, we like to read our storybook while lying on the bed, then our Mom would start to yell and told us it was really bad habit because that will damage our eyes. But now, it seems sooo casual to do in front of our Mom. Like what I did last night. She didn't complain at all..

2. I was reading "Don't Sweat The Small Stuffs" last night before bed, and I was thinking teenager phase is the most short phase in our life and being adult is always be a scary thing. Being teenanger is really a wonderful thing and how lucky we are, have been living as a teenager once in our life!
3. We had an appointment yesterday in a local hotel. Either me or Mom don't know where the hotel's location. We both suck on reading maps (even sophisticated map like Google has *duh*) so yeah.. we went around and around and around again in the city. But that was good, because now we are getting know more about Denpasar, since we live here, we have to more explore, …

What I Learned From The Five-Year Engagement

Have you watched The Five-Year Engagement

5 Pictures of Tuesday 04

(1) I know I have to grow up and I am going turn to twenty two very soon *spoiler spoiler lol*. But I cannot give for this cute Kitty. Sometimes, my boyfriend forgot that I am a grown-up little girl so he bought me this when he came back from China. Of course I cannot be excited anymore when I got this! Anyway, this Kitty's style reminds me to Kak Diana Rikasari, because of her big hearted-glasses :P
(2) This is a sweet gift from my friend, Etin when I turned 21 last year. I never read classic novel like this but since she knows (and have read) lots of them, she bought this for me and I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I don't want to spoil much about the story and maybe some of you have read this book. Two weeks ago I watched the movie version on FOX Movies. The film was great also! 
 (3) This is last week picture, when we went to Hard Rock Cafe.  Our friends from Hong Kong visited us here in Bali for short escape. They wanted to go to Hard Rock and since me and Mom never bumped into…
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