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10 Reasons Why I Choose to Work at Starbucks

Hello, I am Reggie and I am making your coffee!
Surprise surprise. Yes, you read it right. I wear my green apron five days in a week. I am officially one month working in my store as a barista. But still I am a new green bean, I still have to learn lots of things. Truth is, working at Starbucks is not only about making good coffee, there are lots of other things (beside coffee of course) you have to learn. I was sooo exhausted on my first week! But now, I am enjoying myself working in the coffee shop. It may be too early to say this, working at Starbucks is the best decision I have made in early 2014. (:

Well, you might be wondering why I am working for this company, especially with my bachelor degree. Here you go I wrote the 10 reasons:  

1. I want to step out from my comfort zone. 
For almost 20 years, I just want to let myself free from the nest. I want to work in place where I can found the better me, and I believe that He wants myself to seek and do something different outside.

Snapshot Sharing 01: Our First Picture Not As A Couple

Snapshot Sharing is a new feature in this blog. Known as #throwback, share one picture back in my life and write a story about it. I will take you to be right there with me. 
ps: Thank you so much Danielle for this sweet idea! 

Since today is a Valentine's Day, I decided to take this picture to share with you. It was taken around five years ago, not the day exactly I met Andreas, we knew each other already but we weren't that close even being good friends that time. I remembered one of my friend couldn't stop teasing us and pushed us to take a picture together. So, with no doubt, don't have any clue... snap! We had done our first picture, not as a couple. Matching shirts (because there was an event in our church), matching glasses and matching poses. When looked back this picture again, I found it was really adorable. Surprisingly, I love it. And of course, I am thankful because we're walking in the same path for almost four years. I love you completely (:
Happy V…

January: #ThankYouMonth

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