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20 Things I Am (Always) Grateful For

1. Having dinner with beloved family members in the dinning room. We share stories, we share laughs, we share ideas, we share love.  2. Have enough for each day. Sometimes I have even more than I need. 3. A cup of nice coffee every morning.  4. Sun for the day, stars for the night.  5. Warm and fluffy yellow duck to cuddle.  6. Night phone calls from dearest one: How was your day? Are you ready to sleep? 7. Knowing some people care you that much, maybe better than yourself.  8. Parents who sometimes like to argue, at the end they just love each other again. Reminds me that true loves are exist. 9. Books that stored on the shelf, so I don't have to worry what to read every time I have trouble of sleeping, instead of counting the sheeps.  10. A faith that God has given to me. Not because what I have done, but because He loves me in the first place.  11. Two hands to do my most favorite thing (maybe for a lifetime): writing.  12. Energy to do Zumba dance every Monday morning for 5…

Monday Favorites #4

Happy Monday everyone! What's your plan for today? I went to the gym this morning and joined Zumba class for second time. I came home with awesomeeeee feeling! Seriously they said exercise gives you happy endorphins, I think they're absolutely right. Here some my favorite links today, I hope everyone of you have a good one. Stay awesome!
(1) "Happiness Without Guilt" by Our City Lights "Having a broken heart was the best and worst gift I've ever received", Diana said. She's happy after all. 
(2) "The Cult History of Starbucks' New Drink" by Refinery29 They are talking about Starbucks' new drink: Flat White. I don't even know flat white isn't that popular in US. Flat white is popular when I was working in Starbucks. Later I knew, it was invented by Australians. Maybe that's why flat white always in every cafe's coffee menu, many Australians here in Bali. If you are not a latte person, I urge you to try flat white. 

The Delicious Cake

A daughter was telling her mother how everything was going wrong. "I am failing Algebra. My boyfriend just broke up with me, and my best friend is moving away," she wailed. Her mom listened patiently, and then asked, "I made a cake for dinner. Would you like a snack?" The girl grinned and said, "Sure, Mom. I love your cake." The mom smiled and asked, "How about some cooking oil?" The daughter look surprised at the offer and responded with a loud "Yuk!" The mom tried again, "How about some raw eggs?" With a look of confusion, the daughter said, "Gross, Mom!". With a smile, the mother offered, "Would you like some flour or maybe a cup of baking soda?" The daughter responded, "Mom, all of those things are gross!" The mother cut a piece of cake and placed it on plate with a fork. As she handed the delicious snack to her daughter, she explained, "Honey, all of those things seem bad when you thin…
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