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The Sky is So Blue

Here you go some pictures from my short "trip" last week. You know, the more longer I live in this island, the more I realize there are so many places that I never have been to! It's pretty ashame, because every time we have someone comes for visit, they will ask some places that they haveheard it's popular in this island, but we don't have any clue about it. So yeah, travel more, go out more, but first... let's work harder for it hehehe.
The weather turns so HOT these days. Maybe because last week it was raining almost every day, and the sky was not clear and bright as usual, you will get it after seeing these pictures below. Last for not least, I hope you guys enjoy your day and don't forget to stay awesome! 

Shoe Talk

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Since we decided to start VFeetShoes, me and boyfriend have a longgg thought (and become our dream too!) to start our own shoeline.

Selama lima bulan ngejalanin online shop kecil-kecilan ini, aku baru sadar ngerjain bisnis apapun nggak ada yang gampang. VFeetShoes sekarang kayak batu loncatan sih buat plan ke depannya nanti. Aku kan nggak tau apa-apa soal sepatu, gimana bikinnya, bahan dan komponen sepatu tuh kayak apa, dll. Jadi ceritanya belakangan ini lagi berusaha mempelajari itu semua. Walaupun ini sesuatu yang baru dan sulit, aku enjoy aja ngerjainnya. Kan katanya kalau ngerjain sesuatu yang kita suka, ya pasti seneng-seneng aja ya (ciyeee).

Oya, sering ada yang nanya kenapa aku cuman jualan flat shoes, nggak heels atau wedges, jawabannya satu: I'm a hardcore fan of flat shoes. Menurutku, sampai kapan pun cewek butuh flats, di samping mereka suka banget pake model sepatu lainnya.
Nggak tau tepatnya sejak kapan aku suka banget pake flat shoes. Buat tomboy ins…

A Glimpse of My Childhood Dreams

It has been raining for wholeeeee day, non-stop from last night till tonight here. Feeling to write a post and I found this draft. My dear friend Sastika has tagged me to do this post. I thought it's gonna be fun (and nice) to reminisce about our childhood days. So here is a glimpse about my childhood dreams. Oh and here you can read the blogpost by Sas.

1. To be a cashier at a supermarket. This is so silly, but you might to know this little story. When I was a kid, maybe around five or six, Mr. Santa in my school gave me a Christmas present (which was I knew later that actually from my Mom LOL), is a toy cashier register. It's cutee and colorful! The mini-me was jumping around the house and couldn't wait to play with it. The toy machine comes with fake money and as I remembered, every day after school I was looking forward to play with it. I was always in charge to be the cashier and my Mom was the customer. Fast forward to adult-me, did it really happen? Well, yes, but n…

Random Questions Before Bed

1. What is your current obssesion?  Zumba class! 
2. What is your weirdest obsession?  I don't think I have one.
3. What are you wearing today?  For now, I'm just wearing comfy pajamas and I'm ready for bed after this. 
4. What's for dinner today? Samchan kecap and telor balado. All homemade by masterchef Mom *mouthwatering*
5. Why is today special? Because today is Monday, everything is new to begin with, 
6. What would you like to learn to do? 3D latte art.
7. What's the last thing you bought?  Books from Periplus. "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" by Judy Blume and "The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer.
8. What are you listening to right now? "My Lady" - EXO
9. What is your favorite weather?  First, I'm glad that I had chance to experience in four-seasons country, yihaaa! My favorite would be fall season. The weather is completely warm and everything is going in neutral colors (like my stocking, my jacket and the leave…
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