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Striped Sunday

Around three weeks ago, I spent a fine Sunday with my ladies (one of them came with a plus one!). We had Korean lunch kind a day at Dubujib PIK, chits and chats, good laughs, and left some space in our belly for desserts. There was a little accident happened with one of our lady, but... as a (real) good friend, we couldn't stop laughing on her (sorry!). Ya, sudalah. That's why we are friends to each other, right? ((: 
And, oh, we "accidentally" wore stripes! 
Before we went separately, we were having too much fun took bunch of pictures outdoor. Yes, these just a few of them. 
We are definitely looking forward to next meet-up. I miss them every single time. Let's arrange for another one, ladies. 
I wish everyone of you have a great week ahead. Stay awesome!

Japan Travel Journal 06: Mount Fuji Trip

Yes, people. I am still working on this not-so-honeymoon-again post. The good news is, there's another LAST post. Please bear with me! 
Dua hari sebelum pulang, kami baru beli paket tur ke Fuji lewat local tour agent yang ada di daerah Harajuku. Ada beberapa macam paket yang ditawarkan, kami pilih yang paling sesuai, dan lokasi keberangkatan yang dekat dengan hotel kami. Paket yang kami ambil Mt. Fuji and Hakone trip (berikut makan siang), berangkat dari stasiun bis Hamamatsucho.

Passion Reminder

Credit: Pinterest "Passion is not a job, a sport or a hobby. It's the full force of your attention and energy that you give to whatever right in front of you." (Terri Trespicio on TEDxKC)

Pregnancy Journey: First Trimester (1-3 months)

I spilled the beans to fellow friends on Path already since my second appointment with the doctor. Banyak yang komentar kalau kami cepet banget hamilnya (padahal baru nikah empat bulan lalu), kami sendiri juga nggak expect bisa hamil secepat ini. Iya, sih, nggak ada acara nunda-nundaan, but we stillsurprised when we found out the two lines. Puji Tuhan ya langsung dipercaya punya anak (:

Sehari setelah test pack, besoknya kami langsung cek ke dokter. And guess what, ultrasound pertama memberitahu kami kalau bayi yang ada di rahim ini, udah umur lima minggu, udah sebulan! Aku agak syok. Karena berarti anak ini udah aku ajak Zumba tiap minggu dan minum kopi setiap hari. Pantes ya, terakhir kali Zumba kenapa ngos-ngosan banget, biasanya nggak. Well... there's a little life in my belly!

I'm already on my 14 weeks and it means I'm coming to second trimester! Sebagai pencapaian stage pertama, aku mau share pengalaman selama 3 bulan pertama kehamilan. Here we go!

A Week At Home

I realized I haven't shared my week at Bali home, so here some recap that I can share with you. 
We visited back home right on Chinese New Year day. It always feels great every time we get chance to get home, especially since we got married. 
Remember back then I once mentioned that I gave myself a try to become a wedding planner? It was  happened and went very well! The client that I handled were actually friends of my parents'. I once met the couple when I visited Hong Kong few years ago with my mom. Yes, they are a family from Hong Kong, so it was a Hong Kong night I tell you.

The wedding took place in Tirtha Uluwatu. Tirtha is popular for those who fancy a private intimate wedding. The place is so beautiful and elegant. Too bad February's weather is not that good for a wedding actually. We barely saw sunset view that evening and it was a light raining during dinner. But I believe the photography team are the best. Can't wait for checking all the results!

I would …
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